Dear Colleagues,

We are going to organize the Annual Meeting of The Psychiatric Association of Turkey and 2nd International 26th National Clinical Education Symposium with the attendance of our esteemed expert colleagues and young colleagues who are specialty students on the dates of May 9th to 12th 2024 in Mersin University Prof. Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Center.

Twenty-seven years ago, Spring Symposium began with the need of a comprehensive platform in which all committees of our association would make their annual meetings, the sections would gather together and all members would meet and discuss the policies of the association. Within years the symposium evolved and improved to international status with 29 years of experience of PAT and the valuable contributions of the attendees. Today we are proud to meet under the umbrella of International Clinical Education Symposium and share this journey together. We believe that your scientific session proposals, research and case presentations, oral or abstracts will enrich the scientific content. The session proposals will be assessed by reviewers and the result of the review process, the registrations of the speakers in the sessions that are accepted and scheduled in the scientific program will be covered by our association.

Young colleagues are the future of our association. To support them and their efforts, Oral Abstract Scholarship for Specialty Students continues in this symposium as well. We also would like to remind the Incentive Award for Research Project which we think will increase the scientific quality of our occupation and interest in science.

The symposium will be held as hybrid this year too. We desire being together in the same place. We are preparing the symposium in the endless beauty of Mersin University Campus where green and blue mix together for our colleagues who prefer to attend face while the scientific program of two main halls will be streamed online for those who wishes to join online. We want to emphasize that the speakers of accepted scientific session proposals and abstracts presenters are required to attend physically and deliver their speeches in the hall.

Our aim is to carry out an accessible congress and take the journey of exhaustive but qualified struggle we all put up for the sake of our occupation together. The decrease in financial support of the industry and increasing costs organizing congresses in this era of economic difficulties force us to adopt new approaches like any the other professional organizations. With the awareness of symposium’s accessibility being a need rather than a privilege, we believed in the necessity of organizing a congress held in city center and we wanted it to be accessible for all our colleagues participating on their own expense.

We are looking forward to meeting you in 2nd International 26th National Clinical Education Symposium in Mersin University Prof. Dr. Uğur Oral Cultural Center which for sure will strengthen and improve with your attendance and contributions.

Wish to meet with health and professional solidarity…

Kind regards,

Ejder Akgün YILDIRIM
Psychiatric Association of Türkiye

Psychiatric Association of Türkiye
Symposium Organizing Committee Chair